When is it time to throw in the towel?

This week has been particularly upsetting in the lives of South Africans. As our president re-arranges his cabinet to better support him, the corruption and nepotism increases. Good, honest people who are simply doing their jobs and trying to keep South Africa afloat are being fired. Zuma is beginning to sound more and more like a tyrant and his power increases every time he adds new members to parliament and the cabinet.

What are we to do as citizens who care deeply for this beautiful country?

Are we to watch it crumble?

We know that as a nation, we all share an incredible testimony of determination and perseverance. How can we live through Apartheid and rise out of that, simply to fall again 23 years later?


Having travelled and seen for myself how truly blessed I am to live in such a beautiful, vibrant and friendly country, I for one, do not want to simply watch as we sink further and further into corruption. I want to see South Africa thrive. I want to see a country where we all live well and live knowing that we are in good hands. When we vote for our government, we are giving individuals power to act on our behalf. We are entrusting them with big decisions. We are hoping for greatness and every success. I know this is idealistic, but it’s not impossible. It’s really not. If you had to think about it, how many people do you know personally that are passionate about this country too? Surely we can all gather and make things right. Fighting for justice is a continuous process. It shouldn’t stop at 1994. It should always be a priority.


I am not okay with Zuma remaining my President.

I do not accept the fate of a failing country.

I do not tolerate this corruption.


I vote for change. Let’s stop being lazy and indolent.

Let’s start being game changers.